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because we're looking out for because we're looking out for you! captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . >> sean: the politics of self preservation have claimed another victim. a short time ago florida governor charlie crist announced he will stay in the florida senate race not as a republican instead as an independent. his decision to dropout of the gop primary comes as he trails former florida house speaker marco rubio by a wide margin in a moment mr. rubio will join us. first we went back into our library and uncovered video that may be unsettling to florida voters. it was one month ago when governor crist made this pledge. >> here is your chance to dispel all the rumors. are you willing to pledge right here, right now that you will run in the republican primary for the u.s. senate and not run as an independent? >> i'm running as a republican. >> are you ruling out that you
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will file as an independent by the april 30th, deadline? >> that's right. i'm running as a republican. >> not for governor, you will run for senate in the republican primary? >> chris i'm running for the united states senate. i know our country needs help. i'm running as a republican. >> sean: what a difference a month makes that is not the only problem the governor is ready to break >> will you support the winner of the gop primary whether it is you or marco rubio? >> of course i will many >> sean: let's meet the man governor will be supporting in the 2010 midterms republican senate candidate marco rubio. he joins me for an exclusive interview. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. >> sean: let me ask the question, based on the fox news sunday interview. he said he wouldn't run as an independent and would endorse the republican. what do you make of his announcement now? >> he wasn't telling the truth when he said that or obviously he has changed his mind.
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it doesn't change the race. when i got in this race i got in because i didn't see anybody else running that would stand up to barack obama's agenda. that is still the case. i'm running against kendrick meeks and charlie crist who support the obama agenda. i didn't think which would be running against them the at the same time but that's fine. the things with we believe in limited government, free enterprise, these are mainstream american positions. we are going to win because we are on the right side of the issues. >> sean: has character now emerged as an issue in light of that fox news sunday interview with chris wallace? when we had former new york city mayor giuliani on this program, he said that governor crist on two occasions looked him in the eye, promised him an endorsement and broke his word. is character now an issue in the campaign? >> character is always an
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issue. the one thing that is missing in american politics today is accountability. the ability to elect somebody who says they are going to do something and go to washington and do it. the problem is, as i've said the scourge of modern american politics are folk as that will say or do anything to get elected. their number one interest is climbing up the ladder. i think we saw that today. i believe the voters are going to take care of this problem in november. >> sean: what make out of the report that came out today that apparently governor crist reached out to rahm emanuel at the white house and was seeking contact with them? do you make anything of that? >> nothing surprises me any more, unfortunately as i said. this is about self preservation, not principles, not about anything about the easiest way to extend their own political career we are going to have an election in florida i'm running because i want to be an alternative the
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obama agenda. kendrick meek and charlie crist support the obama agenda and i know we will win because the folks here do not support that agenda. >> sean: when i first interviewed you were 35 points behind in the polls. you are now up by 25 points. that's a 50, 60 point shift in the polls. is this a situation where he lost, he knew he was gonna lose he had taken his toys and going home? do you have any fear that he could serve as a spoiler? he's known as a republican, now running as an independent. you are going to get the republican nomination. do you worry he could split that vote? >> i don't worry about it. over the next six months i'm going to campaign clearly on the issues that i believe in. the fact that i believe in free enterprise i've seen it with my own eyes how it has made us the most freest and prosperous people in history.
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i have opportunities my parent -- parent cost never dream of -- parents could never dream of. i'm going to campaign on those issues. i know the vast majority of floridians support that. >> sean: what do you make for senator john cornyn who through the -- donated $10,000 to the crist campaign they are starting a campaign that he give back the money that people donated for this race. and they want to give it to you. do you that i is appropriate and proper? >> i do. because they donated unfalse pretenses. they were told he was a candidate for the republican nomination. they endorsed him early. he was the establishment candidate. people gave money to his campaign because he was running in a republican primary. not only is he running as a no-party affiliate he's changing his registration to independent so i do think it is appropriate for people to
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ask for the money back. >> a lot has been made about your recent comments about the arizona immigration law. i want to ask you. you had concerns about this legislation. you said it could also unreasonably single out people who are here legally, including american citizens. >> right. let me -- >> sean: go ahead. >> two separate issues. i don't blame the people of arizona for what they've done. i was there a month and a half ago. i saw the people are afraid of the kidnapping and horrible crimes. this was a matter of time before something like this has happened because the federal government has failed. arizona has the right to do this, i don't blame them. i think the best solution is for the federal government to do its job. to finally -- this is a wake-up call to take this issue seriously. you are starting to see it happen already this administration is going to try use this as an excuse to force an amnesty bill down our
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throats which i'm not for. i don't blame arizona. it is easy to criticize when someone is in an air conditioned studio in new york or somewhere else. they've got to do what they think is right for arizona. the best solution is for the federal government to do its job. >> sean: what did you heene when you say it could unreasonably single out people here legally including american citizens? as you probably know there's been discussion about those comments. particularly, this bill specifically says you cannot racially profile. >> i think as time goes on you are going to hear stories about people that have been in this country for a long time and pulled over and they are going to claim it is because somebody thought they might had been illegal. it is an unintended consequence. i think the i deal way is to have border security so you don't have the violence pouring over the border. these are two issues. what arizona did they have a right to do and i don't blame them because they have to live
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with this stuff. i'm saying as a u.s. senate candidate i want the federal government to sewer that border so crimes no longer cross over from mexico. >> sean: marco rubio thank you we appreciate you being on. we'll follow the race closely. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> sean: plenty more to come tonight on hannity. >> he worked for acorn. he was a director of the indiana aclu. >> sean: with a supreme court nomination on the horizon startling indications this president will nominate a left wing radical. >> these long term white supremacist republican senators. >> sean: new york state senator goes on a crazy rant against republicans. rielle hunter breaks her [ female announcer ] expensive department store creams? why go there when there's olay regenerist? [ male announcer ] micro-sculpting cream hydrates better than the $700 cream. [ female announcer ] and not only that, [ male announcer ] most women found olay
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>> sean: the controversy over arizona's immigration law extending to the baseball diamond. the diamondbacks are caught in the crosshairs opponents calling for a boycott of the major league team not just calling on fans to stay hem from games but also to stop buying diamondback t-shirts, hats and other merchandise. the diamondbacks had no comment as of earlier today. me, i'm buying a cap.
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get flood insurance. floods can devastate your home. fred, how you doing over there? i think this is gonna be a problem. see what i mean? hey, i know what i'm talking about. because i'm a home people. and, there's no place like me. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> sean: president obama has begun interviewing candidates to fill the upcoming vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. sores confirmed hours ago the president and vice president met with judge sidney thomas of the ultra liberal 9th circuit court of appeals. the process is still reportedly in the early stages. a pick could come as early as the next several weeks. to get a sense of who he may choose next, let's take a look at some of the judges he's nominated over the past year. >> the president: i view the
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process of selecting a supreme court nominee as among my most serious responsibilities as president. the >> >> sean: the retirement of justice stevens sparked speculation about who his replacement will be and how tar left the next nominee will push the court and country. over the past year the president has nominated left wing ideologues to high office. startling indication of the sort of jurists he's likely to call upon in the coming weeks. they are bound by their belief in the court's.with adapt the constitution to the present day. judge david hamilton was the president's first judicial nominee. what did the president see in him? as a judge in indiana, he prohibited the state legislature from beginning its session with prayer. he expressed his judicial philosophy clear fully a 2003 article, a judge's job is to write a series of footnotes to the constitution. >> he worked for acorn. he was a director of the indiana aclu.
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>> sean: then dawn johnson, president obama's nominee to head the office of legal council. johnson has opposed nearly every aspect of the federal government's counter terrorism effort that is warrantless wiretaps, renditions and the government's right to holden me combatants. she sees similarities between pregnancy and slavery arguing in a brief that statute as that curtail a woman's choice are suggest five of involuntary servitude. johnson was forced to withdraw her nomination when prince harry reid refused to bring her before the senate for a vote. berkeley law professor is the latest nominee to appear the -- -- before the senate. best known for authoring the book keeping faith with the constitution. he argues that applications of constitutional texan principles must be open to adapt as condition and norms as our society become more
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distant from those of the founding generation. >> to me it sounds more like fidelity to judges rather than the constitution. what will be left of the constitution if that's at approach? >> sean: given the president's track record conservatives should prepare for a battle over the next supreme court justice and the integrity of the u.s. cons you . joining me with -- constitution. joining me with somebody involved with the corn firm hearings of justices roberts and alito, ed gillespie. i guess judicial philosophy comes into play. this president has shown -- he's made no indication he has any moderation in him. why would we expect -- dianne feinstein said don't make a big fight over this. why would we expect otherwise? >> i don't think we should expect otherwise. he's looking to the 9th circuit, when you look at liu
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and his comments about how judges should adapt, be open to adaptation and change. there's a word -- a word for that it is called politics. the fact is they shouldn't put someone on the ben is going to apply their own personal point of view. >> sean: when president bush made his two appoints didn't he consult with the democrats during the process? any indication the president is consulting with anybody in the republican side about who might be acceptable? who could have an easier confirmation? >> he and the vice president had a meeting with senator mcconnell and sessions who is the ranking member on the judiciary committee with senator leahy and the leader. they said it is important that we not filibuster a supreme court senator mcconnell pointed out that he and sessions the two republicans were the only ones in the room who had not voted to filibuster.
12:17 am
they voted to filibuster alito. >> sean: he voted against both of those judges. >> president obama voted against both as did vice president biden and both supported a filibuster of justice alito. >> sean: don't you find this hypocritical. health care against the reconciliation process, unconstitutional and arrogant and use it in health care. >> something else is hypocritical. you hear the president and democrats on capitol hill talking about we need someone who will take on the powerful interests in a judge. which right away enter kates they bring some perspective to bear not the law. but, the most powerful interest in the country is the federal government, which is getting more powerful by the day. there's going to be a lot of decisions, including whether or not the individual mandate telling the federal government telling individuals here's how you can going to spend our money on health care, private
12:18 am
property, second amendment rights. they are looking for someone who will stand on the side of the most powerful interest in the country the government against the individual too often. >> sean: let's go to david hamilton here who for example the state legislature prohibited them from opening with a prayer. also saying a judge's job is to write a series of footnotes to the united states constitution. which fits in with this other guy we mentioned earlier good win lu who said applications of the constitutional texan principles must be open to adaptation and change. isn't that the antithesis what the constitution says? >> the constitution this is the liberal notion of a living, breathing constitution that we can interpret from it whatever the norms of today are or whatever my mood might be. i think most americans understand we want justices who are going to apply the law
12:19 am
not make law from the bench. regardless of whether you are empathetic, but the law may not be on their side you should set aside feelings of on the law. time and time what we see from this president are nominees that are -- >> sean: what do you make of dawn johnson? against rendition, wireless wiretaps? government's right to holden she sees similarities between pregnancy and slavery. argued in a brief that the statutes that curtail a woman's abortion choice are suggestive of involuntary servitude. >> these are outside the mainstream judicial perspectives. the other justices or judge thank you talked about from the 9th circuit, one of his most famous rulings, he was overturned by the supreme court by a 9-0 vote.
12:20 am
not only was he leaning one way but his jump was knocked down. >> sean: you are suggesting based on the people we know they are looking at, the president will make the most radical choice? you see no hope of modification -- moderation in his choice? >> if you look at the pattern of the kind of people he has put forward in nominations consistently -- >> sean: will all 41 republicans cause if they stand united, they can stop anybody that the president puts forward. do you think they should fill bust he picks a radical -- filibuster, if he picks a radical to lead in the court? >> if it is a radical clearly president obama, vice president biden, the chairman of the judiciary committee all have agreed that it is a legitimate thing to filibuster a supreme court nominee. >> sean: sonia soto my -- sewn
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that so the mayor remember that? >> i remember. that's why so many voted against roberts and alito. >> sean: thanks. plenty more to come tonight on hannity.
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. >> sean: tonight, the troubled tenure of one new york state senator has sunk to a new law. democrat kevin parker an allegedly assaulted a "new york post" photographer is now accuse new york republicans of being white supremacists. his comments came after a shouting match with another senator during a confirmation hearing tuesday. parker said he believed the african-american nominee at
12:26 am
the hearing was being treated unfairly. afterwards this is what he had to say >> these long term white supremists, you know republican senators, who have been in the majority a long time they've lost the majority. only one kind of racism that is functioning in the world that's white supremacy. >> sean: republican leader in the senate believes parker is unfit to serve as senator. i could not agree any more. the white house's council of faith based and neighborhood partnerships may be bringing the green gospel of environmentalism to a church near you. the council according to a document, is wreck menning the white house establish an office in the epa to encourage houses of worship to promote energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and green jobs. it notes houses of worship can exert a powerful influence when they practice good energy stewardship and preach and teach about constitution as a moral value. wow, i can't wait for church
12:27 am
sunday. maybe we'll have al gore preaching at the pulpit in case you didn't get enough of her in that controversial "gq" photo shoot the mistress of disgraced candidate john edwards has broken her silence. in an interview today rielle hunter sat down to explain the so-called truth about her relationship with edwards. she told oprah how elizabeth found out about the affair. >> our hearts were louder than the mind. >> how did elizabeth edwards come to know about this affair? >> on the morning of december 31st, she found the cell phone that i bought for him. and called it. >> and i answered the phone. i said hey baby and she hung up on me. >> sean: as you saw rielle was unapologetic for most of the interview and defended her
12:28 am
actions. classy. >> al gore has made global warming alarmism a profit age enterprise. he and his wife have purchased an 8.8 million dollar home in montecito, california. the five bedroom home boasts a swimming pool, fountains, spa, as well as six fireplaces. by the way, nine bathrooms. that's environmentally friendly. it also has an ocean view. no word on whether this home is environmentally friendlyly, i guess for all his alarmism, the vanquished vp isn't worried about those rising sea levels in santa barbara. coming up what happens when you mix president obama and a swanky nightclub? shocking revelations about the 9/11 terror attack from a former bin laden confidant. colonel oliver north these days, money market funds are pang less than 2%.
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sean forget hope and change. the name obama has a new meaning new hot spot of china's night life. you are looking at the obama entertainment club in shanghai which opened this week. the venue is named after the an pointed one himself. you might be surprised to hear that many of those working there have never heard of the president. the white house says the president is not affiliated with the club. i guess that means there will ( whimsical music playing )
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>> sean: a former osama bin laden associate has come forward with shocking allegations about the 9/11 terror attacks. he claims that he was with bin laden in the months prior to the attacks. now an interview with a wtop reporter the man says bin laden was stunned at the way the u.s. responded. he says the al-qaeda leader did not expect president george w. bush to retaliate the way he did.
12:33 am
according to this associate it stems from the way president bush's predecessor handled terrorism. this aide says bin laden was anticipating the same weak reaction we saw throughout the clinton administration. >> what happened after the 11th of september is beyond the imagination. i am 100% sure they haven't a clue about what is going to happen. they said this time, maybe they are going to launch 200 cruise missiles. >> sean: joining us colonel oliver north. he claims that he was there during the planning of the 9/11 attack. and that bin laden's reaction was they are never going to hit us back because of the way clinton responded. >> bill clinton is a child. 60s. 35 years ago tonight the last helicopter was leaving the roof of the embassy in saigon. bill clinton got what he
12:34 am
wanted from that exchange. i don't think anybody should have expected bill clinton to respond any differently than what he did after embassies are blown up, all the things that occurred in the clinton administration. the bottom line is, george w. bush was not cut from the same bottle of cloth as clinton and we ought to be thankful for. >> sean: what he is sayingbp#( after the embassy bombings in kenya, tanzania, khobar towers, uss cole, first frayed center bombing. america is not going to respond. they anticipated the same none response. >> clearly bin laden did not register with him it shows his lack of understanding of the american people less so the presidency, but the american people could not tolerate something like what happened on 9/11 in this country. the end result of that has been, i think a stunner for almost
12:35 am
everybody involved in the al-qaeda leadership. whether it is in the border between pakistan and afghanistan or whether it was in iraq. they never expected the americans to fight back. we do fight back. >> sean: move to where we are today. the conclusion of the 9/11 commission report, they are at war with us, we are not are with them. bin laden, came to what was an obvious conclusion, based on events as they were unfolding. we heard last week, our own secretary of defense tell this country, they think that iran, that tiny country that president was talking about, they don't represent a threat, they don't pose a threat. iran is going to have a nuclear weapon perhaps a ballistic missile that can hit the united states within five years this day president obama saying the sanctions they were planning they are not going to follow through on. >> furthermore, whatever obama was planning in terms of sanctions on iran were not
12:36 am
going to be effective any way. there's only one sanction that would work if the president issues an executive order. he's got them, by the way there's a book called the presidential emergency action documents. one of those documents allows the president by executive order, in time of crisis, when america's national security is threatened to embar co--- embargo any company that cooperates with an end -- an enemy if the president wanted sanctions to work he could say to anybody in the world, if you do business with the iranian government you cannot do business in america. everything would stop. the germans who are selling them all the equipment they need, the swiss, french, chinese, all would say wait a minute, we are not going to be banned from doing business in america. we are going to top doing business with iran. that's what it is going to take. waiting for the united nations to do something has been totally ineffective.
12:37 am
>> sean: what about our relationship with israel? the snubbing of netanyahu. the criticisms -- it seems -- somebody said it i don't remember who, i'm quoting somebody so forgive me, it seems obama is more upset about the building of homes and settlements in israel than the building of the bomb in iran. now we have alienated our closest ally, there's been talk that if the israelis decide to take out the nuclear facilities and go over iraqi air space american jets may confront our closest ally and shoot them out of the sky. >> the israelis can't hit those targets in iran without american act essence. -- act essence. you have to control refuel at a nato or u.s. controlled base somewhere like iraq or afghanistan. >> sean: so obama can stop the israelis if he wants to?
12:38 am
>> israeli air force is not going to make a one-way trip to iran. that's a fact. the israeli air force knows they can't refuel over hostile territory. >> sean: do you believe barack obama would give the order that if -- >> no. >> sean: you think he would let them do it? >> i think barack obama is obviously planning to do is to somehow deal with a nuclear armed iran. that's what bob gates' member move two weeks ago says. >> sean: the israelis are not prepared to do with that >> they know target number one is tel aviv. one of the reasons why israel is so afraid of this sean if the israelis decide it is in their national interesting interest, and they decide they are going to act, what will this president do? >> nothing. but by doing nothing he says you cannot refuel at a u.s. controlled base or nato base that means the israelis cannot attack because they are not going to fly over iran and --
12:39 am
>> sean: will they risk flying over iraq and risk confrontation with american -- >> if the israelis see something being put on the end of asia baz missile that can reach tel aviv, israelies have no choice but to act. >> sean: good to see you. time to check this with greta. were you here last night you left, what happened? >> greta: i came home, because i wanted to interview senator mccain because what is happening in arizona is explosive over this new immigration law, however you want to characterize it. senator mccain. plus a sheriff who says he's not going to enforce the law he thinks it is stupid. dana perino is here. we have a great best of the rest tonight. when you are in that car driving home tonight, remember sean, listen us to.
12:40 am
>> sean: greta is coming up in 20 minutes. our great, great, great american panel, next. ♪ female [ female announcer ] it's red lobster's festival of shrimp... a chance to get everyone together for a night where everyone gets just what they want. combine two or three favorites, from new creations like crab-stuffed shrimp and pecan-crusted shrimp to classics like decadent shrimp scampi. it's everything you want in a night out. starting at just $11.99, during the festival of shrimp. right now at red lobster. starting at just $11.99, during the festival of shrimp. ♪
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when i go to parties now with my songbird in i engage in conversation. i can't imagine life without songbird at this point. the quality of our life is so much better, so he's not allowed to take it off. life sounds beautiful. now there's no reason to miss any of it. call for your songbird flexfit now at the number below. or go online at . >> sean: tonight on our panel. she a blogger for the liberal huffington post, tamara holder. he's a screenwriter and author of the long way home, andrew klavan.
12:44 am
nationally syndicated radio talk show host and part of the law firm hewitt -- hugh hewitt. harrison ford i can't stand environmental him . >> i like arianna, i think she nuts and i disagree with her and her blog smashes me all the time and i don't care. one time we had an exchange over phraoeufpbts. i said have you ever used a private plane and her answer was yeah, but it was going there any way. he has seven planes here's what said. >> you do own reportedly up to seven aircrafts. >> i only fly one at a time. the contribution to greenhouse gas emissions less than 2%. and all of aviation, less than 2% of the greenhouse gas emissions. general aviation is even less
12:45 am
than that. it is -- >> it is sort of a contradiction. i wanted to give you a chance -- >> i'll start walking everywhere when they start walking everywhere. >> sean: i'll start walking everywhere when they start. i a video al gore getting off his private jet with his wife. isn't this a case of learjet liberal hypocrisy? >> yes, but why are you looking at me, i don't travel with them. >> sean: arianna takes private jets. >> i go by bus. >> al gore just moved into my neighborhood and i'm afraid there's not going to be enough electricity left for my house. >> sean: in his house in tennessee uses 20 times the amount in a month than most use in a year. >> he's around the corner from me. >> sean: nine million dollar house this environmental gig
12:46 am
is a good venture. >> there is no guilt in powering the economy forward. he creates a lot of jobs with those planes. >> sean: nine million dollar mansion a lot from environmental money. >> in fact big bets put out on carbon trading the cap and tax does not go forward there are venture capitalists up north in california that are going to lose a lot of money. >> sean: bill clinton's niece is on food stamps, roger clinton's daughter claims she was abandoned. bill and hillary clinton made a fortune since he has left the presidency. can't they afford, i contend liberals are only generous with our money. can't they afford to send their niece to college and help her and give her a start in life? >> we don't know what they tried to do? they may have made an effort it may not had been successful. it is unfortunate when you see that it happens a lot and
12:47 am
always raises this question. >> don't conservatives believe in survival of the fittest? if you can't take care of yourself we are not going to take care of you. >> sean: if my niece or nephew were on food stamps, i would help. i wouldn't expect the government to help. if i found out they were needing government assistance, i would give them money. >> do you know if she is addicted to drugs? maybe she is a spendthrift you don't know the reasons why -- and and apparently bill's brother who i have on tape using the n-word multiple times. >> him using the n-word has nothing to do -- you >> sean: if george bush's brother used the n-word it would have been big with the press. >> you don't have to practice it at home. typical they spend other people's money on other people far away. the people next to them -- i'm in hollywood all the time. i see people who are utj
12:48 am
as jury with us who leave their wives and children -- as virtuous who leave their wives and children behind. >> men leave their wives everywhere. >> that's the double standard. >> that's media that's not left or right. >> i don't like it either way >> sean: you said this week that a lot of news. you said as a -- somebody works in hollywood if you are a conservative, especially religious person you have to meet in secret. >> this is literally true. when you go into a meeting to sell a script the people there to buy it, think nothing about bashing america. about bashing religion. about talking liberal nonsense. conservatives literally meet in secret meetings that are like aa meetings where they confess themselves i'm a conservative are you? >> i heard a lot of these meetings . and i know members but i can't disclose them for fear their careers will be rue in--
12:49 am
ruined. barack obama says i think at a certain point you have made enough money. was he talking about al gore who just bought a nine million dollar house or the by five million dollars he made this year? more with our great american panel, right after this i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom in this. one day, i'll park this in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,000 miles on it now,
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. >> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. here's the president saying at a certain point you've made enough money. forget capitalism, free markets, the single best economic system ever created by man. >> the president: we're not trying to push financial reform because we be grudge success that is fairly earned. i do think at a certain point
12:54 am
you've made enough money, but you know part of the american way is, you know you can keep on making it if you are providing a good product or good service. we don't want people to stop fulfilling the corresponds abilities of the financial system to help grow the economy. >> sean: he went off prompter like spread the wealth around. he said the time for profits will come but it is not now. it is our patriotic duty to pay more taxes. now saying at a certain point you have made enough money. >> it is concerning. occasionally he drops his guard and you hear that echo of the chicago community organizer saying i'm going to tell you how much to make like gordon brown going off on the teleprompter calling that laid a bigot. you realize this is a profound departure from ordinary american politics. >> it is revealing he said off
12:55 am
teleprompter. and he spoke from his socialist heart. i do not understand why liberals can't understand when you make money you are making money, you creating wealth it is good for everybody and much better than having the government direct you to go there and there. >> sean: you voted for obama capitalism has lifted more people out of the grinding misery of poverty. has created more wealth. more success. more prosperity than any other economic system. by the way, is the most fair and compassionate. the president every time he goes off propertier veals his disdain for capitalism, isn't -- goes off prompter reveals his disdain for capitalism isn't that true. >> what he campaigned for is far different from what he's doing -- people are seeing he's not transparent, doing things that he said he wasn't
12:56 am
going to do. -- the problem is for to you categorize or to want chicago -- or to lump chicago community organizers with obama is unfair. of the seven years he was at reverend wright's church -- >> sean: 20 years. >> 20 years! >> okay. out of seven years, two of those years he gave less than 1% of his income to the church. >> sean: he's a cheapskate like biden, like gore is a cheapskate. >> for him to say that -- for to you say to that community organizers and obama are linked in the same group it is not the same. nobody in chicago knows what community organizing he's even done. >> sean: he taught acorn. >> he used to teach in chicago that is not community
12:57 am
organizing. >> going back before that >> sean: who gets to decide how much too much? new bureaucracy. does the tax cheat tim geithner decide? al gore bought a nine million dollar house. >> that would be the follow-up too much? give us a number. >> he said at some point. why are we taking eight part? >> sean: this society was predicated on liberty, freedom and individual responsibility and choices. when did we start punishing success? this drives me nuts. because the advancement of the human condition is because capitalism has allowed people to bring their god given talents to fruition. you take away capitalism, success, prosperity and the advancement of human kind. >> how much of his capitalism or anti-capitalism has he taken from you? >> sean: a fortune, 60% plus in taxes between new york and the federal government. >> so has. he made 5 1/2 million last
12:58 am
year he didn't pay taxes? >> sean: why can't liberals be more generous with their own money? >> it is part of his none -- demonizeing the capitalist class we are supposed to forget the democrat role in creating the subprime mortgages that wall street was abusing and bailed them out when it crashed. >> pea are afraid to produce. -- people are afraid frayed to produce. it fell apart during president bush this all started to fall apart it is not all obama's fault. >> sean: he has incurred more debt, more deficits than every president combined in two years. kathleen sebelius got a report one week before the vote on health care that said everything that they were claiming the health care law will increase the cost of health care, impose higher costs on consumers. they knew this before the alan
12:59 am
greenspan is saying rationing is going to be needed to deal with the debt because we can't an for the health care plan. why didn't they say this in the 10 months we were debating this? >> read rules for radicals never tell the truth, demonize the opposition, when it is done it is over. >> sean: you voted for him, are you happy with him? >> no. i have buyer's remorse. at the same time i feel like there's a lot of fear-mongering >> what? >> that they are going to lose all of your money. that nuclear weapons are going to infill great our country and we are going -- infiltrate our country and we are going to blow up. crazy. >> sean: obama said we faced catastrophe unless we passed the stimulus plan is that fear-mongering? >> yes and he flipped his position. >> sean: your president has flipped his position. >> your president has flipped the position too.

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